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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Comments on Yours Emotionally by Manavendra Gohil

Comments on Yours Emotionally by Manavendra Gohil, the first out gay prince, in whose palace the film was shot -

The location of the film shown as Shimoga is a rural town in India. The story revolves round a British Asian Gay, Ravi visiting this town and falling in love with one of its residents, Mani. The story also has a middle aged gay couple which interferes in this relationship. We assume that Shimoga being a small place the mentality of the townfolk is such that they are ignorant about gay relations. But, actually it is not so.

The film is actually shot in a place called Rajpipla in Gujarat which is a very happening place as regards homosexuality is considered and it also happens to be the headquarters of Gujarat State's first Gay Organisation (i.e. Lakshya Trust). The fact that this film was shot in quite a few public place with quite daring scenes goes to show that no eyebrows were raised during the shooting of the film.

Homosexuality though considered as a social stigma in India, but in smaller towns gays don't feel shy in practicing it even after being forced into marriage to a girl. They will continue to lead a "double role" in their life. Mani knows that he ultimately has to marry a girl but does not feel sorry about it. His other gay friends have also undergone the same process. In quite a few marriages, the female partner knows that her husband is gay, but still she won't mind if her husband sleeps with another man, but will mind if he sleeps with another woman. This has been found out in one of the studies undertaken by Lakshya specially in rural Gujarat.

But this kind of behaviour is found to be strange, especially for a person like Ravi. The film shows the local people of Shimoga talking about the gay couple, Murthi and Anna. They perhaps know about their relationship, but will not openly discuss it. The film has very well portrayed different gay identities and how they interact with each other. However, the racial discrimination shown in the dialogue between Ravi and Paul could have been avoided.