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Saturday, August 05, 2006

New York Times Reader's Review

Reader's Review of 'Yours Emotionally!' on the New York Times Movies page.

Naked & Truthful

July 12, 2006

Many aspects & issues we take for granted here, still seem to pose a challenge to gay men in India. This reality is driven home honestly & emotionally in Rangayan's 'Yours Emotionally' has a universal appeal. The film purports to "explore cultural differences & similarities" between a British Asian from Leicester and a youth from rural India. And it does so vividly, passionately & quite emphatically. But the film doesn't stop there. Its highlight is the 'trans-generational' plot line where we get to see gay men in their 20s as well as a gay couple in their 50s. Stories & images such as these are hard to find, even in the mushroom of american gay films that focus more on hot bodies & the eternal fountain of youth. Through some exquisite color tones & angles, a mood is set that exploits the mental states of all the characters aptly. A dramatic scene between the two boys and the only woman we see on screen (fiance of the village youth) uses extremely vivid compositions and dramatic jump cuts to show changing dynamics of the triangle. Brilliant and truly of international cinematic quality. A daring effort that may be diffiucult for some dogmatic people, was very well received by the New York audiences with lots of laughter and a huge ovation at the end. Wonder how the director would be able to screen such a nakedly trutful film in his homophobic country and more importantly how it will be received. A groundbreaking film.


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