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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

British Council screening report and press

The British Council screening event went off fabulously. The film was screened to a jam-packed house (around 180). People were sitting on the steps of the auditorium. And more people kept coming even afterwards who were turned away by British Council organizers (more than 50 people + TV crews were turned away!)

Noted media personalities like Sai Paranjpye, Dolly Thakore, Mona Ambegoankar, Bakul Thacker and many others were there to view the film and join the team for wine and snacks.

The film was well received and appreciated unanimously. Followed by an intensive discussion.
Many complimented the cast and crew for being courageous to work on such a bold subject. There were some apprehensions about the overload of sex and erotica. The director maintained that sex was very much part of sexuality for gay men and cannot be overlooked. Many in the audiece also felt that there was nothing to shy away from ad it was uncomfortable ony because there have been so few images of Indian gay men or any positive realistic representations of them.

Noted filmmaker Sai Paranjpye said she was very happy that Sridhar, who assisted her for couple of years, had made such an interesting film and she said, "I am proud to be his mentor".


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