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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Comments and Feedback on YE site

May God bless those who have made this movie. - Name Withheld (India)

I liked the Film..and the stroryline. All in all it’s a great effort. - RM (San Francisco)

I was really impressed with your skills of film making. I thought the camera work and the colours used were so wonderful and at times intoxicating. I felt swept along by the sheer beauty of it all. It really captured India to me with all its diverse life styles and colours and I really felt how drab the old home town looked in comparison! It was daring, inventive, surprising, moving and exhilarating. - Russell

Please Bring such films forwards Specially with the topic that Gayism Exists in India from ancient times. so that hipocrits can understand and accept the fact. - Name Withheld (India)

I felt going through many emotional strands: I was touched, entertained, happy, confused, misplaced, and sincerely laughing about the vicissitudes of the characters and their lives and self-discoveries. it is the India that I know and you have captured her spirit. - Stephano

We think the film challenges many stereotypes both Indian Gay and British too. Some of the cinematography was very, very good with many of the dream type sequences innovative and captivating. It’s also very touching at the end... We enjoyed watching ‘Yours Emotionally!’ - Bryan & Brent (London)

Yours Emotionally is a hard hitting and dark representation of the present face of Indian homosexual community. It is commendable that Sridhar & Niranjan bring to fore a harsh face of the community that many of us may not be willing to accept. It is stylistic in narration with a mix of real and surreal scenes that are blend beautifully together. - - Vivek Anand, CEO Humsafar Trust (India)

The film has very well portrayed different gay identities and how they interact with each other. The fact that this film was shot in quite a few public place in Rajpipla with quite daring scenes goes to show that no eyebrows were raised during the shooting of the film. Homosexuality though considered as a social stigma in India, but in smaller towns gays don't feel shy in practicing it even after being forced into marriage to a girl. They will continue to lead a "double role" in their life. In quite a few marriages, the female partner knows that her husband is gay, but still she won't mind if her husband sleeps with another man, but will mind if he sleeps with another woman. This is has been found out in one of the studies undertaken by Lakshya specially in rural Gujarat. - Manvendra Singh, CEO Lakshya Trust (India)

it has so much passion and heart...and has some really sexy scenes with such an attractive cast. Sridhar: you're a very good director, getting great performances out of the actors, and putting the camera in very nice strategic positions. - Paul Lee (Toronto)

First I want to thank you for being a filmmaker and for having the passion to make films that address and deal with storylines/subject matter which are pertinent to an LGBT audience. - Name Withheld (USA)

its a gr8 concept u came up with... so glad somebody came up with the topic... I stay in FL, USA. am a student here. I\'d like 2 know how i could get 2 see the film... - Name Withheld

I would like to know how I can see this film in Bangalore - Praveen (Bangalore)

The story line and locales are great feels great when people outside india worry about indian gay issues. more are expected from the QueerNRI s - shoemakerlevi (hamburg)

Film is good and i appreciate the Director and its efforts and hope they will keep it up.... - SURAJ (CHANDIGARH)

Film is good and i appreciate the Director's efforts, hope they will keep it up.... - SURAJ (CHANDIGARH)

good - sri (kum)

how can we see the film in hyd . - aravind (hyd , india)

can we see more of the india gay and films - armaan (ajmer)

It's about time someone took this step. Let the Indian audience wake up to the truth... Bravo! Definitely one giant leap for India cinema. There will be plenty of opposition, doubtless, but this film must be out. Here's to a poineering movie. May it come out as eye-opener... - Prasanna

i never seen this movie.....but i think so this good movie evergoing to be for gays i think so.i love this movie.i want to see soon this movie. - niki (hongkong)

Can you arrange for the indian audience to see the picture?? i think this will revolutionize the way people think about peoples willingness to experiment with some thing new. - Jeet (Indian)

Nice to see movies like this keep comming up... Its a definite gud move to bring the darkness to light.. Hope movie is kewl and attract audiance and ideas... - Ashwin (CHennai)

I am very unlucky as I did not have a chance to act in your movie. Anyway great work to express about gay emotions and hardship we undergo in our strict cultural settings. - Jey (Canada)

I have a post up on my blog with my take of the film ( It's also cross-posted on at - Nitin Karani (Mumbai (Bombay))

think its a good movie...lemme wait and see - abhishek joshi (bangalore)

nice - ram (trivandrum)

i like the story,its a nice thought & i want to see this movie. - mickey desai (gujarat)

I cvould not watch the trailer, but read the background literature provided on this website. I am very keen to watch this movie but do not know how! Can you please help. I would like to compliment the members of the moview crew who made such an important issue visible. Congratulations! - Ashish (Roorkee)

A very interesting film and great photography !! - Rich (USA)

hope to see the film .can any one tell me where the screening will be done - addi (orissa)

Wow!!! I can't wait to see the film but I already love the story and the trailer... Please PleasePlease let me know where I can find a DVD of this film ? - anita (NJ,USA)

Cool! Where can I see it? - Shakti (Auckland)

Cool :) Where can I see it? - Shakti (New Zealand)

Gr8 work again guys like always, cant wait to see this one. - haresh bharwani (Brighton UK)

could v do with less sex please... the concepts were wonderful, actors like premjit, anna were wonderful, but in the end i just came home and sure thats not all that you wanted from the movie shridhar! hope u dont mind my frank critics... im from the same feild dear and could relate to your views and vision in ur capacity as the director... I hope u take this critisism in your stride... hopw u dont hold this against me... - rajiv (mumbai)

Hey that was a really cool film... ya a bit bold, but it was all so sensitively handled. I loved the elderly couple's love and bitching... so much like any other relationships. Keep up the good work folks and hope to see more interesting films from such pioneers :-) Salute' - Pranay

Wondering where I may purchase a DVD of this movie? - Dr. Shah (Boston)

i saw it @ nyc premier, LOVED the film, when is it coming out on DVD? i just chk'd NetFlex, they dont have u listing :(( - s.a.o (nyc)

i am very emotional in friendship i like friendship - ram kumar (india)

What a film! - x (Mumbai)

Hey just heard the film is screening at British Council, Mumbai on Nov 1. That's gr8. Can't wait to see it. Also wonder how conservative Indian audiences will react. - Nirmal (Mumbai)

I'm teaching a new course called "Asian Homosexualities in Film and Literature" at the University of Massachusetts Amherst next semester. I would very much like to see this film to determine if it might be good for my students. Can you help me? - Stephen Miller (South Deerfield, MA)

i like the film . also i like the characters in this film .the movie was so,nice. - sandip (kolkata)

this film shows different views of diffeerent people in this 21st century for certain part of our society. i appriciate the director for the film. - Monty (Gujrarat india)

i just watched trailer. its cool. thanks for featuring us. is there any chance it to be screened in india - sumith (kerala)

its nice to read about this film, but i dont have any idea how i can see this movie. - Ketan (Mumbai)

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