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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Conquering the Queens

QMA and 3rdI NY screened 'Yours Emotionally!' as part of its 'Pride month screening celebrations' on June 12 at the Queens Museum of Arts. Our film was preceded by 'Lavender Ink' (USA, 2006, 15 min) a Multimedia Presentation directed by Hector Canonge.

YOURS EMOTIONALLY! Dir. Sridhar Rangayan (UK, India, 2006, 83 min)
While visiting India with his friend Paul, Ravi, a British Punjabi, gets a taste of gay life when they attend a sex party. Though Ravi finds a mixture of dying traditions and shocking openness, he cannot reconcile them with the gay scene back home in Leicester, England. With flashes of semi-surreal situations -presented through exciting dream sequences- the film unfolds on a brightly painted canvas that defies stereotypes and explores contrasting values within Indian and Western gay sub-cultures.Presentation in partnership with 3rdiNY

After the screenings join us for a Q&A panel with directors and artists followed by Queerin' Queens 2006 Performances at the Unisphere Gallery of the Queens Museum of Art

Sridhar writes: "It was a fantastic opportunity for us to screen the film at a platform that was so unique - with an eclectic mix of queer and non-queer and Asian and Cacausian audience. The auditorium was packed and there was huge appreciative laughter right through the film. I was quite dazed because though I always meant the film to be funny, I was not sure it was 'so' funny. Myself and Jack Lamport who was present handled the Q&A where many people wanted to know wht it means to be gay in a homophobic country like India. Many of the older Asian gay men in the audience felt the film depicted a true slice of life in small town India. I was particularly impressed by the collection of shorts 'Lavender Ink' which gave voice to elderly gay men and women, I esp liked the short - 'Three Photographs' which was so poignant and depicted the angst of the south asian identity crisis out there."

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