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Thursday, July 13, 2006

World Premiere of YE

World Premiere of 'Yours Emotionally!' at New Fest - New York Gay & Lesbian Film Festival on June 9 was a sold-out show!
An additional screening was scheduled on June 5 to accomodate demands for tickets.

Director Sridhar Rangayan and actor Jack Lamport were present at the screening that received lots of laughter, appluase and appreciation. The Q&A was extremely positive and highlighted issues about queer communities both in UK and India.

Sridhar writes: "It was so exciting to be out there, watching my film on the big screen for the first time, amidst laughter and claps. It was instant gratification for all the effort all of us put in making the film. It was all worth it! What was amazing was the connection with the audience who laughed and gasped with the film!"

From NewFest program guide:

In this compelling comic drama, two gay friends, Ravi, a British Indian, and his best mate, Paul, go on holiday to India, where they attend an eye-opening gay sex party. Despite the circumstances, Ravi, a romantic, immediately falls for the handsome working-class Mani, but Ravi’s dreams of bringing Mani home to England are completely unrealistic – Mani is under constant pressure to marry a woman. Their story parallels that of Murthy and Anna, an older gay couple whom Ravi and Paul meet. Will the older men be able to help Ravi keep his newfound love? Will Ravi’s friendship with Paul survive Ravi’s obsession and Paul’s disloyalty?

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