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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Frameline press June 25

Harjant Gill, Sridhar Rangayan and Jack Lamport outside Roxie theater where YE screened.

From Frameline's press release June 25 -

Yours Emotionally played to a completely sold out house. In attendance was the charming director from India, Sridhar Rangayan, and one of his actors, Jack Lamport. The Q&A session that followed the screening sparked a very interesting dialogue about the visibility of LGBTQQI persons in Southeast Asia.

Sridhar writes: Indeed the Q&A was interesting. Apart from issues, some of the people in the audinece had very positive reaction about styling of the film - the color tones, effects and surreal scenes. They felt the style complemented the content. In the picture here, to my right is Harjant Gill, a bright south asian filmmaker from DC, whose forthcoming film 'Milind Soman made me gay' is very promising.

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